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Research events

AHSC Seminar Series 2017


12:30pm to1:30pm, Monday 27 March 2017



Julian Bloom Lecture Theatre

Conference and Education Centre

The Royal Marsden

203 Fulham Rd





Trust staff are invited to attend the next event in the 2017 AHSC seminar series, The Role of the Microbiome in Gastrointestinal Cancers to be held at the Royal Marsden on Monday 27 March 27.


Bacteria that live inside our bodies – known as the microbiome – have become a hot topic in biomedical science over the last few years, with an increasing amount of evidence to suggest they play central roles in health and disease. 

In this seminar, two experts will discuss the role of the microbiome in gastrointestinal cancers, which include cancers of the bowel, pancreas and liver – and the potential for further research  to lead to better treatment methods for patients.


Professor Elaine Holmes: Head of the division of computational and systems medicine at Imperial College London will talk about some of her leading research, and how continued advances in this area are helping lead to a better understanding of multiple related health conditions.


Professor Julian Teare: Head of endoscopy and consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust will talk about his extensive clinical experience treating colorectal cancers, and some of his pioneering work including helping to develop improved endoscopic techniques and other screening methods for patients.


RSVP: Register your interest for your free ticket or contact ahsc.news@imperial.ac.uk.


Lunch will be provided following the seminar.

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