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Research projects

The Trust hosts a variety of research studies covering the breadth of its clinical practice. These are funded by a variety of sponsors including NIHR, UK research councils, European funding agencies, research charities and industry. 

Below is a list of approved projects that are currently recruiting volunteers.


CategoryResearch titleStudy contact informationMore info
ArrhythmiasLV Endocardial Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (EndoCRT)Dr Charles ButcherMore info
ArrhythmiasTRUE HD: Prospective Registry on User Experience With The RHYTHMIATM Mapping System For Ablation ProceduresPaula RogersMore info
ArrhythmiasCASA-AF TrialDr Ines Kralj-HansMore info
ArrhythmiasD SPECT Guided GP Ablation of Paroxysmal and PersiSabine ErnstMore info
Asthma/allergyMyairCoachPaolo ParediMore info
Asthma/allergyStudy of mechanisms of action of Omalizumab in Severe Asthma (SoMOSA)Mahitha GummadiMore info
Asthma/allergyDo patterns of airway infection and inflammation distinguish pathophysiological phenotypes in children with wheeze and asthma?Yvonne BinghamMore info
Asthma/allergyA pragmatic trial of corticosteroid optimisation in severe asthmaDolly JohnMore info
Asthma/allergyPrevalence of Pompe’s disease in respiratory clinicsLaura SwantonMore info
Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseA two-arm, randomised, assessor-blind, parallel group study to evaluate the effect of fluticasone/formoterol breath actuated inhaler (BAI) and Relvar Ellipta DPI on ventilation heterogeneity in subjects with partially controlled or uncontrolled asthmaMs Sally MeahMore info

See details of the Trust’s performance for all clinical trials reported to NIHR, for the set-up and delivery of studies in the period 01 January 2016 – 31 December 2016.