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Facilities for children

Paediatric patient doing craft at Royal Brompton Hospital

The wards and special units

The different parts of the Children’s department are all on Level 4 of the Sydney Street Wing of the hospital.


Rose ward is our main children’s ward. If you are going to have an operation you will come to Rose Ward first. Then you will come back afterwards, but first you will have a stay in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU). This is a place where there are extra nurses to look after you when you need special care. Your parents may come to the hospital to look at the PICU before you come so we can explain how we will look after you to them.


In Rose Ward and PICU you will either be in a four or six bed bay with other children, or in a room of your own.

While you are in hospital with us, you can also use the play room and / or the hospital school, depending on your age.

Visiting times

Parents and other relatives and friends can visit you at any time, but we have to limit the people around your bedside to two at a time. If any of your friends and family have a cough, cold or a stomach upset please ask them not to come until they are better. We do not want you, or our other children, picking up infections.

If any of your friends come late, when other children are trying to go to sleep, please see them in the waiting room, not on the ward.

More information for children and about the Trust's services for children

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