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Patient leaflets

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Easy Read leaflets

Patient information leaflets are general guides to help patients understand specific conditions, treatments or tests. 

The information does not replace the need for individual advice from a healthcare professional.

If you have any questions, please ask your consultant or other healthcare professional when you visit us for your consultation, treatment or procedure.

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Patient information library

application/pdfCyclophosphamide monitoring - Sept 2014 (543KB)
 This leaflet provides a cyclophosphamide monitoring and dosage record for respiratory patients with interstitial lung disease.
application/pdfExtracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) for severe lung failure - May 2016 (1.29MB)
 This leaflet gives general information about extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) for severe lung failure to relatives and friends of patients who may benefit from this treatment.
application/pdfInformation about lipoprotein apheresis - Nov 2014 (723KB)
 This leaflet gives general information about lipoprotein apheresis which is used lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.
application/pdfMycophenolate monitoring - Royal Brompton Hospital - August 2015 (625KB)
 This leaflet provides a mycophenolate monitoring and dosage record for respiratory patients with interstitial lung disease at Royal Brompton Hospital.
application/pdfPatient controlled analgesia (PCA) October 2016 (405KB)
 How to use a pump for pain relief after surgery. A PCA pump gives a fixed amount of pain relief medication (analgesia), controlled by the patient.
application/pdfSlips, trips and falls - June 2015 (334KB)
 The risk of falling increases as you get older. It does not mean that falling cannot be avoided. This leaflet gives information on how to help prevent or minimise falls.
application/pdfThe adult asthma psychology service - Royal Brompton Hospital - Aug 2016 (168KB)
 This leaflet provides information about the adult asthma psychology service which helps patients cope with the emotional effects of having severe asthma or other upper airway conditions.
application/pdfWhat is cryotherapy? - Jan 2015 (490KB)
 This leaflet gives you general information on cryotherapy, for example how it is performed, what happens on the day, and if there are any side effects.
application/pdfYour pulmonary rehabilitation programme - Harefield Hospital - December 2016 (200KB)
 What happens in the pulmonary rehabilitation programme - what you'll learn, how it can help you, and where to find a class.