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Patient leaflets

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Easy Read leaflets

Patient information leaflets are general guides to help patients understand specific conditions, treatments or tests. 

The information does not replace the need for individual advice from a healthcare professional.

If you have any questions, please ask your consultant or other healthcare professional when you visit us for your consultation, treatment or procedure.

Patient leaflets » Heart assessment

Patient information library

application/pdf24-hour blood pressure monitor - Harefield Hospital - Apr 2015 (377KB)
 General information about your 24-hour blood pressure monitor test at Harefield Hospital.
application/pdfCardiac catheterisation (for children) - July 2015 (1.33MB)
 This leaflet gives parents and carers general information about cardiac catheterisation for their children.
application/pdfCardiomyopathy day case clinic - Dec 2015 (532KB)
 This leaflet gives you general information about your appointment in the cardiomyopathy day case clinic.
application/pdfExercise Tolerance (Stress) test - Harefield Hospital - December 2016 (365KB)
 This leaflet gives information on an Exercise Tolerance (stress) test.
application/pdfInherited cardiovascular conditions day case clinic - Dec 2015 (532KB)
 This leaflet gives you information about the inherited cardiovascular conditions service.
application/pdfRapid access heart function clinic - Harefield Hospital - May 2016 (169KB)
 This information sheet provides details about your appointment at the rapid access heart function clinic.
application/pdfSeven-day ECG (Holter monitoring) - Harefield Hospital - December 2016 (373KB)
 Information about a seven-day ECG (Holter monitoring).
application/pdfTilt test - Harefield Hospital - Nov 2015 (509KB)
 Information about a Tilt test.
application/pdfVasovagal syncope (common faints) - July 2014 (379KB)
 This leaflet gives you general information on vasovagal syncope (common faints).
application/pdfYour cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) scan - March 2016 (355KB)
 This leaflet provides information about your cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) scan.
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