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Cystic fibrosis - transition

Information for young adults and their parents about moving from paediatric cystic fibrosis care at Royal Brompton Hospital to the adult cystic fibrosis centre
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Transition is a term that you may have come across - it means a process of moving from one thing to another.

For young people with CF, transition is the process of changing from the paediatric clinic to the adult clinic.

Many professionals working in CF teams around the world have been trying to work out the best age for transition and it appears that the ideal time is somewhere between the ages of 14 years and 17 years. Changing to adult care is nothing to worry about. The adult CF team simply offer you a more appropriate service now that you are no longer a child.

Things you have learned so far:

  • What it means to have CF        
  • How and why chest physiotherapy is needed
  • The importance of eating a good diet
  • Remembering to take enzymes
  • Learning the names of all other medication and the reasons for taking them

Things you will learn as a teenager:

  • Why you need to have lung function tests, chest X-rays and blood tests
  • Why you need to have an annual review
  • Why it is good to start talking to the CF team by yourself and to take responsibility for your physio / nebulisers / medicines

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Extra responsibilities

Now that you are a teenager and becoming more independent, you have extra things to take responsibility for in relation to your CF. Starting to do these things by yourself now will help you feel more confident and able to deal with everything in the future.

Here are some things for you to think about:

  • Keep a list of your medicines and what they are for. Make a note of when you start to run out so that a new prescription can be arranged in time.
  • Do your physio without being reminded.
  • Make up your nebulisers and remember to do them all the time
  • Start seeing the physio, dietitian, clinic nurse and doctor by yourself, and let your parents join you later.
  • Call the CF nurse by yourself if you have a question.
  • If you have IV antibiotics, start trying to have your IV line put in without sedation - this is not used in the adult clinic, but Emla or cold spray are available.

More information about transitioning to adult CF care

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"The move from paediatric to adult CF care is an essential part of growing up for our patients. Following transition, a monthly joint paediatric and adult transition meeting is held to ensure all patients are benefiting from the close working between the two teams." Dr Su Madge, nurse consultant in CF

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