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Adult cystic fibrosis centre

The centre

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Foulis ward room
We have a total of 35 beds, divided into 28 single rooms, a three-bed ward and a four-bed ward. All our rooms have their own en-suite facilities including a bath or shower. Each room is furnished to a high standard with a fridge, television and telephone for incoming calls only. A sitting room is also available with a 42-inch plasma screen television.


All our rooms and bed spaces have network access and the ward has a number of laptop computers so patients can use the internet. We are also introducing a Skype service and building up a DVD library.

The ward offers a pantry for patients and relatives to use. This is equipped with a kettle, fridge, sandwich maker and microwave oven.


We have close links with the Chelsea Community Hospital School with excellent facilities on site and at bedsides, if necessary. Patients are encouraged to study while they are in hospital and some have taken exams while staying with us. We keep a notice board where we display details of individual achievements as well as social events.

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CF gym

Physiotherapy gym

The CF centre has a fully equipped physiotherapy gym where patients take part in individual sessions.

Equipment includes:
  • Exercise bikes
  • Fit balls
  • BOSU balls
  • Dumbbells


Laptops with connections to the hospital's free guest wi-fi are available for patient use.

The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure a standard approach to care for adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) looked after at Royal Brompton Hospital. The adult CF service is a specialist CF centre as designated by the CF Trust Clinical Standards 2011.

Specialist centre care at Royal Brompton Hospital offers access to comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team consisting of:


  • consultants specialising in CF
  • junior doctors
  • clinical nurse specialists
  • dietitians
  • physiotherapists
  • clinical psychologists
  • pharmacists
  • a welfare rights advisor

The document is written by the expert CF multidisciplinary team at Royal Brompton Hospital for use by any staff involved in caring for adults with CF. It also serves as a guide for the adults attending the Royal Brompton CF service. We are delighted if it provides information for others interested in CF care.

The service for adults with CF was founded at Royal Brompton Hospital in 1965 by Sir John Batten. Since that time the service has grown under the leadership of Professor Hodson and Professor Geddes to become the largest clinic in Europe, caring for 600 adults.

The Royal Brompton team led the way in terms of multidisciplinary teamworking for adult CF care and was responsible for the introduction of many innovations that we regard as routine today. As survival increases and our paediatric colleagues refer 16 year olds with lung function in the normal range, it is now our challenge in the second decade of the third millennium to ensure we continue to enhance care and improve outcomes for adults with CF, ensuring that each individual receives expert advice and treatment tailored to their particular needs.

We have a very active research programme and are fully committed to maintaining our international reputation for high quality, ground-breaking research. Through our philosophy of excellence in research, we aim to ensure that outcomes for all individuals with CF continue to improve. Our research is broad and comprehensive, from improving our understanding of the basic science of CF through to cutting-edge new therapies and innovative ways of delivering healthcare by our extensive multidisciplinary team.

Currently there are a large number of clinical trials and research studies underway which are being conducted by our highly motivated team of research doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other team members.

Current clinical trials underway

  • Multi-dose gene therapy trial
  • Inhaled liposomal amikacin (Arikace)
  • Vertex 105
  • Vertex770 – open label
  • PTC 124
  • TIPPS (Tobramycin dry powder) compliance

A number of future trials are currently under negotiation.

Current research studies

  • Understanding the best way to treat infective exacerbations
  • DNA/molecular detection of pathogens in CF airways
  • Gene modifiers of long-term survival – ‘Long-Life’ study
  • Genetic, proteomic and metabonomic profiling in cystic fibrosis associated liver disease
  • Survival at low lung function
  • Optimal Vitamin D levels and replacement
  • Education in CF-related diabetes – ‘DICE’
  • Optimal physiotherapy techniques
  • Exercise and physiotherapy
  • Anxiety and depression in CF
  • Gender gap in CF
  • Optimal screening for CF-related diabetes

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