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Royal Brompton Hospital outpatient department is in Fulham Wing / South Block. This building is separate from the main hospital building and is located on Fulham Road.

Coming in for your first appointment

We will send you a letter confirming your appointment details and any other information you may need, such as how to prepare for your appointment or test. Please remember to bring this letter and all your current medications with you.

If  you need us to make special arrangements before your visit, such as organising an interpreter, or if you need more information, please contact the outpatient appointments team on 020 7351 8011 or the main switchboard 020 7352 8121. 

Coming in for your follow-up appointment

Please remember to bring your appointment card or letter with you. This will help the receptionist check your details and direct you to the relevant clinic, if needed. If you forget to bring your appointment card, we can still see you, but it does help to speed things up. 

When you arrive    

Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for your appointment, as you may have to complete some tests before we can see you.


If it is the first time you visit the hospital, please go to the main reception desk in Fulham Wing / South Block, which is on Fulham Road. The receptionist will be able to direct you further. 

Fulham Wing main entrance
Fulham Wing main entrance

Once you have been fully registered we might need to do some tests - if so, these will happen before your appointment. If you are having any tests prior to being seen in clinic then you will be asked to arrive early to ensure these are completed before the time of your appointment. 


Once any tests are done or if no tests are required, you will be directed to the relevant outpatient area.  We have three areas – East, West and Paediatrics. They are clearly signed, but if you are unsure where to go, ask at the information point at main reception and they will be able to direct you. 


When you get to your outpatient area, please report to the reception desk there. This is an opportunity for us to check your personal details to ensure our records are up to date so please bear with us if this takes a little time.

Seeing the doctor

When it is getting close to your time to be seen, a nurse or clinic support assistant will call your name. In some cases we will need to weigh you and carry out some other checks at this point.


You will be seen in a consulting room by a doctor or appropriate health professional. We aim to see you as close to your appointment time as possible, but delays can happen. This is because some patients can require unexpectedly long consultation and emergencies also occur.


As Royal Brompton and Harefield are both teaching hospitals, students may be involved in your care. Students are always supervised by fully qualified staff. This does not affect the quality of your treatment but does give valuable training to the students. Please tell us on the day if you do not want students to be present. This will not affect your care.


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Royal Brompton

Sydney Street,
London SW3 6NP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7352 8121


How to find us

See the map and directions page

Bookings and contact details

General outpatient appointments

020 7351 8011

Lung function unit

020 7351 8910

Echo clinic

020 7351 8209

CT scanning

020 7351 8220

Pacing clinic

020 7351 8647


020 7351 8012

Overnight accommodation

Most outpatients come in for a daytime appointment without an overnight stay. However, if you are coming far for your appointment you may be able to stay in our overnight accommodation.