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Before you arrive

Royal Brompton Hospital

Before you arrive

Your admission

The admission letter will tell you the date and time of your admission. Please read it carefully because it contains important information.


The day before your admission please call the ward (stated in your letter) to check that a bed will be available.  If you are due to come in on a Sunday or Monday please contact the ward on the Friday before.


On occasions an emergency case might mean we have to cancel a planned patient's admission.  If this happens we will give you as much notice as possible.


What to bring with you



  • Nightware and dressing gown
  • Slippers. See below for more detail on the best type of footwear to bring.  
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Women having surgery – well-fitted, supportive bra (ideally front fastening)



  • Toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Shaving items (shaving points are available for electric razors)
  • Liquid soap only – please do not bring bars of soap or soap dishes
  • Hairbrush or comb


Other items

  • Money for the telephone, newspaper and transport home
  • Books or magazines to read
  • A pen for completing the menus
  • Any walking aids


There are shops in Fulham Wing and Sydney Wing where you can buy items during your stay.


We do not have laundry facilities for patient's clothes so please bring enough nightwear for the whole stay or ask a visitor to bring in fresh clothing.



Please do not bring valuable items into hospital. While you will have your own locker, storage space is limited. If you must bring in valuable items,  please hand them to your nurse, who will arrange for their safekeeping and give you a receipt. 

We cannot accept responsibility for loss of or damage of any personal items, unless they have been handed over for safe keeping and you have been issued with a receipt.


It is important to bring in good fitting slippers with closed backs and a solid grip.

Slippers we recommend against, with no back support




The type of footwear we do not recommend you bring with you.






Slippers we DO recommend you bring, with back support




The type of footwear we recommend you bring with you.

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