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Royal Brompton Hospital

When you arrive

When you arrive, please go to the main reception on Sydney Street. The receptionist will direct you to your ward. See directions and contact details for the hospital.

On the ward

All our wards accommodate male and female patients but your needs are important to us and we take measures to ensure your privacy and dignity.  Read more about our wards.


When you get to your ward you will meet your nurse and a member of the medical team. They will explain what you can expect and tell you about your procedure. They will also ask you to sign a consent form to show you agree to the procedure and understand what it involves. This is a safeguard to make sure we only act with your permission. 


Read more about the consent process and your rights as a patient.  Read more about the staff members you will meet.

Health insurance forms and sickness certificates

If you need a sickness certificate for your employer, we can only sign one for the time you have been in hospital.  Your GP will provide a certificate for any further cover.


If you require a health insurance form to be completed, please tell the nurse looking after you or the ward administrator and they will arrange this.

Going home

A provisional ‘going home’ date will be discussed when you are admitted.  As soon as your doctor feels you are well enough, this date will be confirmed. If you have any worries about returning home, please tell your nurse or the social worker.

Transport home

Please arrange in advance for a relative or friend to collect you when you leave hospital. If this is impossible, notify your nurse as soon as possible as it could take up to 48 hours to arrange transport.


If you arrived at hospital  by hospital transport please ensure your nurse knows this on admission.

How you can help us before you leave


  • leave a forwarding address with your nurse
  • remind the person who is collecting you to bring your clothes (if you are travelling on hospital transport you should wear outdoor clothing and not nightwear)
  • ask your nurse for any medical certificates you may need
  • collect any valuables you brought with you.


Individual staff are not allowed to accept personal gifts but sometimes patients wish to show their appreciation by means of a contribution. Read more on our fundraising pages.

When you are back at home

Please feel free to telephone the ward if you want advice at any time.

Royal Brompton

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