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High risk profile of patients identified in transplant review


26 November 2008


The report of the external review of recent outcomes in the heart transplant service at Harefield Hospital finds today that the overall high risk-profile of patients was an important contributing factor. The findings of both the external review of case-notes and the Trust’s internal review were consistent with the UK Cardiothoracic Transplant Audit (UKCTA) statistical analysis, which showed that heart transplant recipients at Harefield had a higher risk-profile in 2008 compared with previous years and UK centres as a whole.


Risk adjustment using the (UKCTA) risk model reduced the difference between the observed and expected number of deaths within 30 days at Harefield and at other UK centres in 2008. The centre effect estimate for Harefield reduced by more than 50 per cent with risk adjustment and the UKCTA analysis found that: “The number of cases was low (15) and Harefield was not identified as significantly divergent.”  An estimate of 90-day mortality incorporating all patients transplanted in 2008 up to 31 August is awaited.


The report concluded: “The number of operations reviewed is small as heart transplantation in the UK is a low volume procedure, with only around 288 transplants carried out nationally over the 32 months of the review. As a consequence differences and changes in mortality, which may appear large, are not necessarily identified as significant from a statistical perspective.”


Commenting on the report’s findings, Professor Timothy Evans, medical director of Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, said: “We welcome the findings of this report and will continue to implement an action plan based upon its recommendations.”




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