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Roles and opportunities

Volunteer at the reception desk

The descriptions below explain some of the roles for volunteers at our hospitals. But we want to make the best use of your skills and experience and we also want to offer you an opportunity that works for you too. As a result, we can tailor your volunteering to suit you. 

Read about the work of our volunteers, Derek and Peter.

Ward assistant (no vacancies at present)

Volunteers assist in administrative and clerical work such as filing, moving medical notes around the hospital and answering the phones. They also help make beds, water the plants and assist in ward maintenance.


This role also involves chatting and listening to patients, helping patients with small tasks like getting a newspaper or magazine and reading to them. Volunteers offer the friendship and conversation many patients miss while in hospital.

PALS volunteer (no vacancies at present)

Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers support and advice to patients and their carers. 


PALS volunteers speak to patients on the wards, providing a sympathetic non-staff ear for their concerns. As well as listening, they can refer patients’ concerns to staff members, if the patient wants them to.

Admin and clerical (no vacancies at present)

Working in areas including medical records, secretarial offices and clinics, volunteers assist with tasks such as filing, photocopying, mail and data entry. 


Support in these vital but time-consuming areas allows our staff to devote more time to complex and urgent issues.

Meet and greeter 

Volunteers offer a warm welcome to patients, relatives and visitors of the Trust at main entrances and at other main waiting areas. 


They also offer information about the hospital and directions to various departments and facilities. They will also escort and support those people who require a little extra help.


Hospitals can be a daunting and confusing place; a warm smile and an offer to help can make a huge difference.

If you would like to find out more, please email pals@rbht.nhs.uk for an application pack. 

Clinic reception host (no vacancies at present)

These volunteers stand at the podium by the transplant clinic in the Anzac Centre at Harefield Hospital. This is a busy clinic and in a central area so volunteers make themselves available to offer assistance, directions and will also escort patients when needed.


The role may also involve occasional help behind the clinic desk supporting the clinic reception staff.

Patient befriender

These volunteers move through the various wards talking to patients and relatives, providing support, company, conversation and friendship – things many patients miss.


Such support might also involve helping patients to eat, reading to them or accompanying a patient for a short walk around the ward or hospital.

If you would like to find out more, please email pals@rbht.nhs.uk for an application pack. 

League of Friends shop (Royal Brompton Hospital only - no vacancies at present)

The League of Friends shop is a trolley containing numerous items such as puzzle books, art and craft sets, jigsaw puzzles, magazines and more, which are for sale to patients on wards. Volunteers take the trolley on a round of the wards on a regular basis giving all patients an opportunity to purchase products for their entertainment.

League of Friends – Brompton Flowers (Royal Brompton Hospital only - no vacancies at present)

The bright and cheery flower shop based in the main lobby of the hospital serves both patients and the community with great value flowers and plants. Volunteers are needed to help in the shop by taking morning or afternoon shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis. All profits from the shop are donated to the Friends of Royal Brompton.

League of Friends – hospital shop (Royal Brompton Hospital only - no vacancies at present)

The shops based in the main entrance of Fulham Wing (Fulham Road), sells newspapers, magazines, drinks and confectionary. Volunteers help serve patients and visitors in this lively reception area. All profits from the shop are donated to the Friends of Royal Brompton.

Pavilion Café, League of Friends (Harefield Hospital only - no vacancies at present)

The Pavilion is the hub of Harefield Hospital and serves refreshments to staff, patients and visitors throughout the week. The Pavilion also provides a confectionery and newspaper shop.

A warm and friendly place, the Pavilion offers a safe haven to all on the grounds of Harefield Hospital.

Patient views

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to the way we survey patients.  

We need to find out what patients think of our hospital and we are looking for approachable volunteers to survey patients while they are still in hospital.

If you are interested, please email pals@rbht.nhs.uk for an application pack. 


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