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Patient referral

New outpatient referral system

The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust will be replacing its patient administration system (PAS), as part of the organisation’s digital care transformation programme. It will be replaced by the Lorenzo PAS system, which will be in place by summer 2016.


While we migrate information to the new system, you will not be able to refer patients to us using the NHS e-referrals service.

How to make a referral?

We will continue to accept referrals, however these will need to be sent via an NHS.net email address to the one of the email addresses below.


Harefield Hospital: RBH-tr.HHOPNewRF@NHS.net

Royal Brompton Hospital: RBH-tr.BHOPNewRF@NHS.net

In the event of technical difficulties, you can fax a new patient referral to us using the fax numbers below.


Royal Brompton Hospital: 020 7351 8028

Harefield Hospital: 01895 828 695

Please note that these options are for outpatient clinics held at either Royal Brompton or Harefield hospital. Referrals for all other services must be submitted in the normal way.

GP enquiry service

If you have a query about a referral, you should email the trust using the appropriate email address below.


Harefield Hospital: RBH-tr.HHRFQueries@Nhs.net

Royal Brompton Hospital:  RBH-tr.BHRFQueries@NHs.net

The outpatient team will acknowledge the request and forward it to the correct clinical team.

If you have a query about cardiology services for Hillingdon CCG you should email HillingdonHarefieldCardiologist@Nhs.net 


Information submitted to the Trust using NHS.net email address should be for the Trust only. Any information sent to us using this method which is not for the Trust will be returned, so you must ensure that you confirm your NHS.net accounts.

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