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Mother and baby in our dedicated play area


Royal Brompton and Harefield’s dedicated paediatric department is a national referral centre for children with heart and lung conditions. We offer the full range of diagnostic and surgical interventions from the prenatal stage to adulthood.

Our work

Our children’s services are internationally renowned for our work in many areas including fetal cardiology, paediatric cystic fibrosis and severe asthma, and we form the largest national referral centre for children with heart rhythm problems.


Our work consists of the following sub-specialities: 

Paediatric intensive care unit

We have a dedicated paediatric intensive care unit that cares for many of our child patients immediately after surgery for heart or lung conditions. The unit is equipped with the latest technology and renal, cardiac and respiratory support is provided if the child’s condition requires.


We recognise the speed of a child’s recovery will be aided by the presence of parents and family and we welcome parents to the hospital and provide quiet rooms, overnight accommodation and catering facilities.


To minimise stress for chidren we offer a home-from-home environment including play and school rooms staffed by school teachers and hospital play specialists.


Throughout their time at the hospital, children are supported by specialist nurses and have access to a range of support services, inlcluding clinical psychologists, dieticians, and physiotherapists.

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