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Royal Brompton Centre for Sleep

Our centre for sleep is one of the largest in Europe. We have been diagnosing and caring for patients with sleep disorders for over 20 years at Royal Brompton Hospital.

Our specialist team of academic sleep clinicians, physiologists, sleep technicians, polysomnographers and nurses care for patients with problems relating to:


  • sleep apnoea

  • troublesome snoring

  • narcolepsy

  • restless leg syndrome

  • REM sleep behaviour disorder

  • idiopathic hypersomnia

  • parasomnias

  • circadian disorders

  • difficulties with going to sleep and staying asleep.

Clinicians and support staff


Professor Anita Simonds, consultant in thoracic medicine

Dr Matthew Hind, consultant physician

Professor Michael Polkey, consultant physician

Professor Mary Morrell, senior sleep physiologist

Dr Michelle Chatwin, consultant physiotherapist

Simon Heather, chief technician

Elaine Pneh, nurse specialist

Also read the patient information section on our sleep centre

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Royal Brompton Centre for Sleep

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