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Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust is a smoke-free organisation. Smoking, including the use and charging of e-cigarettes, is banned in all areas of the Trust, including:


  • buildings 
  • doorways / entrances 
  • grounds 
  • cars 
  • car parks.  


No smoking signs are positioned at the site entrances and across the site.  

Why smoke free?

The purpose of the smoke free policy is to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of all employees, visitors, contractors and, most importantly, patients

Smoke free hospitals and grounds create a clean, pleasant environment for people trying to stop smoking and reduce triggers that cause many smokers to relapse.


If smoking occurs at entrances and windows, the smoke drifts through the doors and windows and poses a further hazard to the health and wellbeing of inpatients.


Stop smoking support for patients

If you have an operation booked at the hospital it is a good time to stop smoking; doing so will really help your recovery.  


Our staff are here to help and support you throughout your hospital stay and when you go home

On admission, all patients who smoke will be prescribed nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and, with their consent, will be referred to our smoke-free team or provided with details for the NHS stop smoking service. They will provide advice, support and treatment following discharge from hospital.

Stop smoking support for relatives, visitors and members of the public

Family and friends who wish to stop smoking long term should contact their GP practice or the NHS stop smoking service on 0800 0221 4332 for support quitting.


What will happen if I don’t comply?

Patients will be given all the support they need to comply with the smoke-free policy and prescribed NRT products to ease withdrawal symptoms during their stay in hospital. Any patient smoking on site will be asked to stop smoking and extinguish their cigarette.

The Trust will take it very seriously if anyone is found smoking in dangerous places on hospital property.


If you are found to be smoking within Trust grounds, a member of staff will politely ask you to stop before explaining why the Trust is smoke-free and ways to help you stop smoking.


The Trust has zero tolerance to violence. If members of the public persist in smoking or become abusive or aggressive when asked to stop, they will be asked to leave the site.



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