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Congenital heart disease NHS England review

Support for our services

*Update from NHS England 30 November 2017*


NHS England's Board has endorsed a proposal regarding the commissioning of congenital heart disease (CHD) services in England.


Read our response to the decision from Bob Bell, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust chief executive.


We continue to receive widespread support from patients, parents, individuals and organisations who are opposed to our congenital heart disease services being dismantled.

Read the messages of support from:

Consultation response from the Trust

Our consultation response sets out how our services meet all the outcomes NHS England’s new standards are trying to achieve, and how we ensure our paediatric patients receive the full range of care they need, when they need it, through our close partnership with neighbouring Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

It also describes our long-term vision for the future, to create a ground-breaking British centre of excellence that would equal anything that exists in Europe, the United States and beyond, which chief executive Bob Bell described at the Trust’s annual general meeting in July.

Letters of support

  • Our response was supported by a letter to Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt (195KB), signed by over 200 leading cardiologists, paediatricians, professors and other medical experts from some of the most well-known healthcare organisations in the world. The letter also featured in The Times.  

  • A letter from some key charities that support our patients with respiratory problems was also submitted along with our consultation response.

Responses from other organisations

  • Imperial College London’s response states ‘there is no suggestion that the current model of networked clinical care provided by Royal Brompton, which includes the full range of associated services delivered in partnership with local NWL NHS providers, does not and will not in the future, provide the highest quality patient outcomes. Given the increase in patients accessing CHD services anticipated by NHS England, the rationale for decommissioning a safe, sustainable, high performing clinical centre such as RBH is without justification.’ 

  • North West London’s Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups' response says that they ‘have not been able to identify the detail of the evidence that underpins the proposal, particularly that a clear evidence base exists that demonstrates that co-location of all services on a single site will improve clinical outcomes for patients…’ 

  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s adult social care and health scrutiny committee's response ‘considers that no evidence has been presented to justify the new requirement for co-location’ and states ‘we do not accept… that the proposed decision will promote the duties of care and safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults, make the best use of public assets and funds, nor will it improve the efficacy of the provision of services to NHS patients.’ 

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