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Gems from our collection

Gems from the Arts collection

Enjoy some of rb&hArts collection gorgeous gems currently on display on the third floor at Royal Brompton Hospital and the Re-Beat gallery in Harefield. 

You're so lovely by M.M. Kizi

Sydney St Coffee Shop and 3rd Floor galleries from 18 January until 29 February 2017

Still I like you by M.M. Kizi

M.M. Kizi was one of the participating artists for the Secret Rose auction. Her pictures explore narratives that connect the seen, the sensed and the dreamed. We will be exhibiting the of her themes:  

  • Twotions: Tweeted notions. These are visual whims – flights of fancy the artist posts daily on twitter. 
  • CHUWS: Chronicles of an unreliable woanderer (the word woanderer references the physical wandering and the mental wondering together at the same time). CHUWS are images made from mixing up news items of the day- thereby unreliably chronicling.
  • PIFS: pictures inspired by films- Artists from Warhol to Wylie enjoy film as an inspirational source of material. 

To mark the launch of her exhibition 'You're So Lovely' in Harefield, the artist will visit the hospital and speak to patients, drawing their story in one small picture, a sort of secular ex-voto. 

Find out more about M.M. Kizi and her work.

‘Aviation Art’ by Kai Choi


Harefield Hospital Re-Beat Gallery from 13 December 2016 until 29 February 2017

‘Aviation Art’ by Kai Choi

Kai Choi’s interest in aviation began when he was a boy in Hong Kong. Initially trained as a draftman, he then attended Middlesex Polytechnic in 1976 to study technical illustration, after which he freelanced as an illustrator for four years before he diversified to optical holographic research.  

Following the project, Kai entered the musical field and formed the Sigma String Quartet. He is currently very active in performing the violin in the public domain.  

Kai has produced aviation art as a passion since his youth, and is an associate member of the Guild of Aviation Artists.  He is happy to take on any commissions as a challenge.

‘Pinch Pots’ by Penelope Bennett

Royal Brompton Hospital, Cabinet, reception Sydney St from 18 January 2017

‘Pinch Pots’ by Penelope Bennett

A display of home-made functional pottery by writer Penelope Bennett. All the pots are pinched and or coiled and then burnished and sometimes smoke-blackened. None of them are made using a wheel.

Penelope says: ‘Potting is so enjoyable it’s difficult to stop. Sometimes I sawdust-smoke the pots on my drawing room fire. I particularly like pots made for a purpose (storing olives, oil, ashes etc.). Several decades ago, I stopped being a writer and became a potter, my teachers being Tessa Fuchs and Ewen Henderson.’

A number of Bennett’s pots were acquired by York Museum from the collection of Wa Ismay. 

Paintings in Hospital

Hungry Hare gallery from 18 January to 9 March 2017

Paintings in Hospital - January to February 2017

This exhibition features work by Quentin Blake, Elaine Marshall, and Françoise Dupré.

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