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Message in a Bottle by Kate Hughes

14 to 24 June 2017


An immersive installation of sound and drawn films by Kate Hughes, to experience the parallel existence of cystic fibrosis patients isolated from each other in hospital.

Visitors are invited to write their answer to a message from the artist in a bottle and leave it in the medical cabinet.

Kate Hughes will be present for a preview and special performances on 22 June, 5pm to 7pm.


Outpatients X-ray waiting room
Royal Brompton Hospital
Fulham Wing, Fulham Road
Main entrance

Learn more about the project 

Learn more about the artist

This project is produced in partnership with rb&hArts, where Kate Hughes is currently 'In Residence', and InTRANSIT festival. Message in a Bottle is the second in a series of works as part of Island Collaborations. Kate Hughes received a Bright Idea Award from the CF Trust to deliver this project.


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